Can I resist calling this the second coming? (it seems not)

I was recently blessed by a guest post from Jesus. My good Blend Merby asked if I can put some more questions to Jesus on her behalf. I did, and he replied! Welcome back, Jesus!

Hey people, good to be here again! I’m just going to go straight to the questions for Merby, so here they are.

1. Are there really such things as aliens?

Aliens are not necessarily gun-toting megalomaniacs
Aliens are not necessarily gun-toting megalomaniacs

There are as many sentient species in the universe as there are galaxies. As soon as they are confident that they won’t simply be shot or dissected they have promised to drop by and say hello.

2. Why can’t we see you?

Man, I get so angry at this question sometimes. I could ask you the same thing…

The sun burns deep oil purple and gold
                      into the evening sky,
The hill cries out its richness in wild green grass
All life large and small is analogous to all
As a tree holds roots yet branches out
So must people be firmly founded yet always searching
As a river flows unceasing yet also cradles life
So must people flow with nature, constantly exploring
But always mindful to cradle and revere other life
The infinity of stars can remind us of our place
As the new-born shows us our own infinity
And while the animals feed upon each other
They never take without need
Never take in anger
And balance is always maintained

So written into the world is unending beauty
And every lesson required to live harmoniously
You ask why I cannot be seen
I ask why you cannot see me
It’s not that we don’t know the answer – it’s that some of us prefer toys and power to hard work

3. What’s your thoughts on technology?

My thought’s on technology are the same as my thoughts on anything. No object on Earth is already good or already bad – it just is. All good and all evil is in the mind of man. That’s right, the mind, not the heart. The heart is a pure organ of knowing, it’s the mind which tells you lies about what is.

Technology has the capacity now to connect all of humanity, to end hunger and to end unnecessary pain. Yet it remains a toy for war-games real and simulated, a method of making the rich richer and spreading pornography. Those who get connected waste this miracle sharing empty status updates and self-promotion.

I should be careful - this stuff actually goes on. If this is my last ever post, you'll know what happened!!
I should be careful – this stuff actually goes on. If this is my last ever post, you’ll know what happened!!

A rock is just a rock. It can be used to build a house, or to beat someone to death. It remains just a rock.

Technology is just technology – it is down to you to decide to use it for good, instead of restricting it to only working in the already existing paradigms of money, power and self-interest.

4. What’s your take on gun laws?

As above. A gun is just a gun. The debate about guns is a deliberate misdirection used to distract you from the real debate which is about how you want to live.

Don't ban guns, ban arseholes - then guns will die out on their own!
Don’t ban guns, ban arseholes – then guns will die out on their own!

As long as you live to sustain a financial system, to sustain one groups power over another, to insist one set of beliefs on the masses, then you will have widespread mental illness and discontent. If not with guns, this illness will express with swords, rocks, poisons, car-bombs and so on.

Gun law may be a useful emblem for a countries determination for intransigence or change, but it is not the real issue.

5. Why did you make the human body so easy to damage?

In a world with dinosaurs, earthquakes, snow, deserts and sparse food you survived. You live in freezing temperatures and on barren landscapes, through disease, through war, you survive simply by taking things around you and putting them in your mouth or around your body.

After you survive for tens-of-thousands of years in every climate and situation, you ask why you’re so easy to damage?

If I made you of steel you could not move, of air then you could not build. You are the perfect balance.

Vulnerability is the necessary condition for feeling and love
Vulnerability is the necessary condition for feeling and love

I think the trouble is that you all still see yourselves as individuals. One day I hope you grow to realise that each human is only a cell in the great world-spanning organism that is humanity. Then you will realise both how ridiculous you have been for hurting each other, and thus your own body, and also how magnificent and indestructible you actually are.

Peace to you people – as if you knew what to do with it!

Wow – Jesus can be fierce too – who knew! Well, thanks to Merby for the questions. If any one else would like to ask Jesus something, do let me know. Until next time 😀

43 thoughts on “Can I resist calling this the second coming? (it seems not)

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  1. Imagine little ol’ me, having my questions answered by Jesus. I feel extra special loved today. Please make sure He gets the fruit basket I sent, Panda.

  2. This is fantastic! Very much in the tradition of the living Christ of the Gospel of Thomas. Gotta love the angry, non dualist Christ, he’s definitely the coolest one!

    I enjoyed this a lot, well done 🙂


  3. Damn!!!! (Sorry Jesus).
    Great responses!!!!
    Fantastic post.

    My thoughts on the different – responses
    #1 – many people have seen angels on the earth aren’t those angels alien beings? I just hope that alien beings don’t wait for the world at large to approach us. Maybe they’ll select those of us who are more open to receiving them.

    #2 – Thanks for reminding me of Mark 4:12 “…they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding…”

    #3, 4 & 5 – yes yes yes yes yes!!!

    I think I just had a spiritual orgasm.

  4. Dear ROS,
    I’m a new reader of your world according to angry panda. You’re so cute when you’re mad. I love your ickle fur face. I enjoy your comics.

    Gotta go now. I’ll FB you a pic of my half-eaten lunch later. After lunch I’ve got to go dissect an alien on the way to the rifle range. I’m so very clever. Wow. Go me! (I’m getting the good out of my internet access.)

    God made me, so God made me do it. Uh, Amen.

  5. I like how you have that nice easygoing rapport with Jesus, Panda. I bet he wouldn’t agree to answer questions on just *anyone’s* blog. Good questions from merbear, too. As for his answer about us being made of steel or air vs flesh, I get what he’s going for, but surely he could push out a few upgrades, like Spine 2.0 or something.

  6. I LOVE your Jesus interviews. Rarely do I read stuff on the internet (or in books for that matter) that is both moving and funny. Awesome. I will have to think up some questions for the J-man. And MAN wtf with messing up Panda’s cartoons, WP?

  7. re: All good and all evil is in the mind of man.

    I’m wondering about that. Is a genocide evil only because a person sees it that way? Slavery? Or a gang rape? Et cetera, et cetera.

    1. While there might be an argument that we can never know if one tragedy has in fact prevented a far greater tragedy, that’s not really where I was coming from.
      My attempted point is two-fold. First that only people are capable of cruelty – not a denial that the acts are cruel, only a statement that no other creature acts cruelly.
      Second, that good and evil are abused concepts, thrown at things often in error and adding no understanding to the things so labelled. The Nazi’s called Jews evil and through such propaganda enabled great harm. Good and evil serve to hide truth, not bring it to light. We would be better served if we thought in terms of harmful / helpful.
      Thanks for reading closely enough to raise questions.

  8. Do you do technology Christ dude? You are expected in the cloud momentarily as you know. It would suck if the sun were in my eyes or if you appeared in the clouds of heaven in Dallas when I live in Austin.
    What cloud do you mean?
    Or is Christ your code project name, an acronym or something?

      1. Yes Mr O’Wonderful!
        Hence the need for Christ.
        I may start praying.
        The Panda could also just take off the costume.
        What do I have to do to get you naked?

      1. You are Panda. YOU are supposed to be nacked. And
        Depraved me : D
        Christ is in everyone so the sonner I imagine Jesus nacked and stop thinking Christ is only that one dead perfect specimen the sooner I get to say: Hey Christ is in the clouds of heaven, I follow the lot and they follow me…
        Let me know when you get with the nacked times. Elizabethan Panda sucks.

  9. Please, I’d speak with the Secretary to Jesus -the Panda. (It’s not surprising that Jesus, who can make stones cry out, would make a Panda an efficient secretary.)

    Seriously speaking now, the-Panda-whose-name-I-do-not-know, I am quite impressed by your wits, both in writing and generally (from our conversations). I respect writers for many things including sentimental depth of words, craziness, imagination. You have some measure of a number of elements, but your wit just makes it all for a deadly cocktail. I am a bit too stuck on you to comment on this particular piece; but, yes, I agree with a lot of what you have said, including those interludes like “peace to you- as if you’d know what to do with it”. Woah! Brilliant. I’m unreservedly impressed, ?Panda?

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