School strike, home strike – another idea for digging the UK out of the sh*t

Greta’s school strikes are at least raising awareness about the climate crisis. Sadly she has already become so commonplace on the media that reaction to her is more ‘yeah, I know what that is already so no need to watch it,’ than ‘I’m inspired to act.’ But that’s what our media informed world is now,... Continue Reading →


There may be a happy ending, honest, though the road there sucks a bit.

In WWII ‘camp towns’ – hundreds of Jews were controlled by one or two soldiers. At all times they had the weight of numbers to fight and win and flee. But there’s something in the human condition that prefers enslavement and mistreatment to the horror of independence and self-determination. It’s the same trait that made... Continue Reading →

Going on a Kyle-ing spree

Government Sanctioned Murder Is Still Murder How would you feel if you lived in a country where the poor starved in their hundreds every year? All those films and appeals with emaciated children crying from hunger were filmed in your country, your city, your very street? Unthinkable for us in the UK. Britain has been... Continue Reading →

Ten reasons why the law is probably not even legal

A popular post doing the rounds is about Tommy Robinson standing for EU elections. He’s a proper human turd, and for those curious, here’s a summary.: He’s racist, and particularly Islamaphobic, Charged with assault in 2005, 2010, 2011, Unlawful protest 2011, Leading a brawl 2011, Travelling under someone else’s passport 2013, Mortgage fraud 2014, Contempt... Continue Reading →

How to solve the Climate Crisis

(c) Roger Waters or whoever I acknowledge the contribution of Emma Flint, one of life’s great eggs, to this idea before I start. We sat in a cafe and discussed the impending end of the world, while in a store selling innumerable forms of utter crap. Plastic unicorns, disposable glow-sticks, cheap garden furniture… crap. It... Continue Reading →

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