Why we should not listen to Johnson OR Corbyn in this election

Some people choose to listen to politicians who are seeking power. Personally I’ve never trusted anyone who seeks to gain something by what they say, so I look at the policies and listen to the experts. I then often compare that to newspaper headlines and TV news. In about 80% of cases the news does... Continue Reading →

Why selling the NHS is essential to a Conservative term in power.

When my family used to run out of money we would cut back on luxuries, not have holidays or new clothes, eat basic food and skip pudding. We would never start economising by cutting out food altogether, switching off heating or water, they would be the last things to go. Yet when this country faces... Continue Reading →

Living in a country of strangers

I dream of a world where people tell you how things are, do their best to present the truth, the realities and consequences of choices... then leave you to make up your mind. Instead groups spend £bn's researching how to manipulate people, which exact section of society to deliver which exactly tailored message to -... Continue Reading →

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