The kids are alright — Unquiet World

So many times, the people we blame are in reality the victims of our own behaviour, beliefs or cruelty. The moment blame creeps in sense and reason are lost. via The kids are alright — Unquiet World


We didn’t start the fire — Unquiet World

There is a pattern here. Climate change – we need to recycle more. Poor people – we need to care more. Homelessness – we need to give more. Kids failing school – parent better. This is a lie. via We didn’t start the fire — Unquiet World

Negative space

I determined my son would not suffer as I had done. I would wipe out that life. Erase its traces. Elide its wounds. So I scrubbed and scraped and carved, hew from the stubborn rock of years and circumstance until I had crushed, smashed, severed and cleaned all the ills I knew. When he grew... Continue Reading →

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