The price of fashion and sore fingers

Having just moved house I have battered my hands all over the place. Poor things, they are now dry and chapped, so much so that my phone no longer recognises my fingerprint and will not unlock. I must use the old-fashioned PIN (I hear you all gasp in horror at this act of technological atavism!).... Continue Reading →


No matter where you go, there you are

First, I confess - my post title is from an 80's cult sci-fi classic, though I can't remember the name. I've been moving house - which makes move number 50-something in my lifetime. This is up there with the worst. Trying to balance keeping my business going, moving etc. has been (insert foul words) exhausting.... Continue Reading →

Curious meanderings

I can’t get to my computer, for reasons too exotic and interesting to mention - so no cartoons. But I wanted to at least write a quick scribble. Lady Anon had over 230 people read her post last week, but not a single comment. I confess to being a bit baffled. I’m delighted that she... Continue Reading →

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