Is there a vaccine for stupid? I mean, take away the FB conspiracy posts, and the idiots and terrified will just go somewhere else for them. It's been clearly shown that people who believe conspiracy nonsense have poor thinking skills. We laugh, because we think that means only stupid people believe stupid things... but being stupid isn't the only cause... Continue Reading →

The madness of being different

I am now spending large amounts of time with autistic people, and it has thus become clear that I am one of them. I am, I think, only very lightly on the spectrum. I don't have the money to get an official diagnosis, but far too much can be understood in light of this for... Continue Reading →

Sensory Deprivation PLC

Sensory deprivation tanks leave the brain with less stimulation. You can't feel your limbs, or hear, see, smell etc. People often experience hallucinations in a sensory deprivation tank. The brain cannot cope with the silence, and so invents its own noise - phantom limb sensations, sounds, visions and more. The brain is complex - and... Continue Reading →

Why it’s almost impossible to be right

It seems that every post on social these days rapidly descends into people arguing or name-calling in the comments. As a supposedly intelligent species, we might expect that at least one person on Earth has the right answer for at least one question… but they don’t. Image from Because there is no answer. There’s... Continue Reading →

The reason good people hate migrants.

The government ignores you, your vote is meaningless, your voice unheard. Your job pays too little and life is hard yet there’s no recourse to improve this. Illness can potentially mean financial ruin – your body suddenly your enemy. There is no room for spirituality and creativity while trapped in the cycle of poverty and... Continue Reading →

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