Is there a vaccine for stupid?

I mean, take away the FB conspiracy posts, and the idiots and terrified will just go somewhere else for them. It’s been clearly shown that people who believe conspiracy nonsense have poor thinking skills. We laugh, because we think that means only stupid people believe stupid things… but being stupid isn’t the only cause of poor thinking.

When you live paycheck to paycheck, scared of where the next meal might come from… you do not think clearly and often make poor choices. That’s 14.5m people in the UK alone… and rising.

When you have a mental health condition, even as commonplace as depression, it can make you distrustful of healthy things, and attach to harmful things. That’s 1 in 6 people… and rising.

When the newspapers, TV and entertainment media sell fake news and unrealistic portrayals of life at every turn, you can easily start basing choices on very corrupt information. That’s all of us…

None of us are clear-headed, none are making rational or sensible choices. We are in a world of noise, misinformed, kept busy and distracted in meaningless jobs or toxic systems. As for those in power, they seek only to protect that power – and are thus made blind to the awfulness of their own decisions and consequences.

All that said – I don’t think I care any more. I would be more than happy for someone to invent a disease that is both rapidly fatal and easily cured… and then to offer a vaccine. Anyone who refuses the vaccine because it ‘has a tracking chip in it’ (they know, because they read it on their iPhone)… well… there’s too many of us and too little time left for fixing the problem…

Maybe don’t even release the vaccine…

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  1. Nice to see you are still around telling it like it is! So, you are English; that explains it then! I am American but of English heritage on both sides of my family. I have a T-shirt that I wear in public at times with “You can’t fix Stupid!” printed on the front. We use to follow each others’ blogs several years ago. Glad to see we are both still at it.

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