New Words Part II – Neoblogisms

Neoblogism - A new word invented especially for bloggers 🙂 Welcome to part two of my dictionary suggestions (part one here). I apologise to all that I barely have time to post at the moment, and I will try to catch up on reading other people's doo-dads when things quieten down a little. Meanwhile, there... Continue Reading →

Stretched pictures anyone? I may have a cure!

I have had a total nightmare with pictures looking all stretched and messy on my blog. I've looked everywhere for a solution but no luck. Now, I think I may at last have an answer. So if there are any other bloggers having the same trouble, maybe this will help you too. Some pictures are... Continue Reading →

2012 Blends, Blomans, Bluntrymen!!

It's annual report time! Woot! I started my Blog on September 25th, so I've been going a little over three months. In the last two weeks it feels like WP has become a second home! Company for Christmas brought many kind bloggers together, and the recent, insane poetry prompts have brought another circle of excellent... Continue Reading →

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