Paid Passage – A Poem

Some have the price of pristine virginity and rise obscenely don't think I wouldn't but I can only afford to take you as tired as I marked by every touch once you are mine you give too easily for loyalty I have seen you in another's hands the beds of strangers fingered by spittled tips... Continue Reading →

Gorilla – A Poem

I had seen you on television where you were easily ignored but here you breathe twenty feet from me black as coal with the same potential to burn from the set of shoulders like cannonballs through massive chest articulate fingers that could crack bone and cup infants What is this majestic not primitive not natural... Continue Reading →

Bad Company – A Poem

Fear sends out spiders not knowing where they will spin their webs stronger than despair sticking faster than rumour more permanent than infamy Stay in the honest air away from me, myself mine-shafts deep, dark pitifuls basements and belfries of well nursed injury Even the owl is not safe in the abandoned shed skin worn... Continue Reading →

The unforgettable unremembered – A Poem

Having written far too many form poems, here's an unexpurgated squirt of untamed odic pleasure 🙂 The Unforgettable Unremembered I've long lost the lighted eyes of the earliest girl I kissed The face of my inaugural drop of inhibitions Is in pieces, an oblivious, unbiddable vision. Years later I shuddered as another Pushed me against... Continue Reading →

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