New Words Part II – Neoblogisms

Neoblogism – A new word invented especially for bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to part two of my dictionary suggestions (part one here). I apologise to all that I barely have time to post at the moment, and I will try to catch up on reading other people’s doo-dads when things quieten down a little. Meanwhile, there is this…

Blends : Blog Friends. Blog friendships are a unique yet very telling thing. While they are not intimate, since one rarely meets a fellow blogger, they have a very similar dynamic to your other friendships and make an excellent barometer of ones ability to maintain healthy relationships.

Panda still has work to do on his people skills
Panda still has work to do on his people skills

Bloverwhelmed : The feeling you get when you realise that there are 10,000,000 bloggers out there you don’t have time to read.

Other causes of being Bloverwhelmed are:

Missing one day of blogging to find 107 posts in your reader on your return

Realising you haven’t had time to thank any new followers for days

Realising that you have flipped from feeling like you need to blog to find people – into feeling you ought to blog as there’s now 200 followers waiting to read it!

Choose your blog carefully - it will take over your life!
Choose your blog carefully – it will take over your life!

Nergers and Blastards : The two polarities of blogging would be the Nergers – nervous bloggers – and the Blastards – blogging bastards!

The Nerger spends large portions of each post apologising for themselves with phrases such as, “I don’t want to upset anyone but,” or “although I don’t mean any of my blog friends of course!” Their posts often begin “I have nothing to say butโ€ฆ”, or, “This post if probably terribleโ€ฆ”

The Blastard blogs unapologetically. The world of blogging has no nasty bastards in it – since they would simply get no followers and would be ousted by the WP police. Blastards are usually Blastards as a front, usually a comic front such as the ranting of this Panda, or the candid Le Clown.

Panda may have poor emotional literacy
Panda may have poor emotional literacy

Bi-Panda disorder : It may be noticed that Panda is both Nerger and Blastard. It is unclear if this is because he is so versatile and marvellous in every way that he cannot be pigeon-holed even into a single personality type – or whether he is genuinely unwell! This uncertain condition of creative/lunatic is Bi-Panda disorder.

Another hit of Bleroin anyone?
Another hit of Bleroin anyone?

Built-tripping : At the start of blogging you politely acknowledge every LIKE and visit each followers blog. Once you start getting regular readers you have to cut-back to only thanking those who follow you. Around the 200/250 followers mark you simply can’t do it any more as you have 40 posts to catch up on in the reader and haven’t even written your own crap yet.

Unless care is taken one can enter a blog-guilt trip about the number of blends blogs unread, unacknowledged comments, follows, likes etc.

Blevolving : When a blog is started, it is often about a ‘specialist subject’ – your love of cats, your poetry or just your hill-hairy-arse sense of humour. Often life moves on – and one’s humour blog is hard to maintain after the house has been repossessed due to your teenage crack-head son running up a ยฃ25,000 bill on your credit card and your daughter joining the Young Tories and donating your families life-savings to a religious cult.

Next blog:
Next blog:

Or perhaps you have realised that cats are just furry idiots who, like many models, look sleek and beautiful, but are actually incredibly dull and stuck up.

Either way, it is time for your blog to Blevolve into it’s new form.

Any suggestions for other words? Feel free to comment and provide me with free material for my next post!

40 thoughts on “New Words Part II – Neoblogisms

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  1. This is what I am going through right now, struggling with the reader panel cause there are just so many interesting blogs that I want to read.

    I am also concerned with the change in style of the comic strips, whether it may affect the followers.

    You put these ideas in words so nicely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this list ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have probably come across Stephen Fry’s “”blessay” for longer, more structured and thoughtful posts…

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