Poetry prompt – A twist in the tale

For this prompt you need to write a poem which has a surprise twist. The poem should be made of four stanzas of equal length - no more than eight lines each. The twist must be all in the final stanza. That's it - no required metre or anything. The rules are easy but the... Continue Reading →

Rubato – A Sestina and Poetry Challenge

The sestina is evil, having a complicated form based on sixes which is explained further below. I tried this out due to a personal challenge from Crabby, who I will make suffer in return! So this weekends Poetry challenge is to write a sestina. Being really strict, you should have 10 syllables per line, or... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt – Four Antonyms

Thank you to the people who have begun to write to these prompts. I'm really enjoying the poetry and how it has connected me to so many other great poets. I will get back to writing rants as well, but I'm a bit tied up with other projects at the moment. These prompts are open... Continue Reading →

New Poetry challenge

Hello to: Rambly, Face, Susan, Prayer, Mimsy, Kellogg ...and anyone else who fancies writing poetry to a challenge prompt. Our new challenge is this. Write a poem using apostrophe, the theme is saudade, and it must include the line "love across a bloody ocean" somewhere. Yep, complicated, but it was Susan and myself who cooked it and... Continue Reading →

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