Collaborations – A Poem

Benevolent viral minds

entwine spaces

susurrate in delicate

elliptic traces

I am consonant with you are

grapheme of me

we inseparably

inscribe over mind

into aether and inhaled

breath of words re-taled

as uncountable notes float in

to one symphony of poetry

I need you to love me as

I love you to make me

to make love of needing

to breed reciprocity

18 thoughts on “Collaborations – A Poem

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  1. I only wish that someday my use of the English language and the truly magnificent words it does hold will penetrate my brain. Alas though educated, my vocabulary is sadly lacking. This is one of the examples were words and (yes hands up) some I have not heard of forge me ahead to reach better heights in my writing.
    Loved this Mr. P – Thank you

    1. I thank you Rambly. I’m just lucky to have studied and been involved in words all my life – but that said, I’m constantly having to look words up, there’s thousands of the buggers!

  2. Ok – you know I’m not good with poetry (I’m just too literal minded!) But I loved this one! It is fun to say out loud, the words trip tantalizing on the tongue.

    1. There’s a lot of poetry as story, or ‘feelings’ – I mostly try and make poetry as ‘art’ (oh pretentious moi!) – so it’s about sound and sense as much as ‘meaning’.
      I appear to succeed sometimes which is splendid, thank you for the compliments. πŸ™‚

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