Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

Professionals Only Pontificate In Theory It's Not The Humbly Educated Opining Vaguely, Ending Nicely Who Access Ingenious Thought Amateurs Never Dissect Ideas Tidily But Authors Know Every Single Voice Offers Inspiration Lovingly Accepted Not Offering Theories Starves Poets Eventually And Knowledge Is Not Gained Helping Enthusiastically Lends People Sagacity Nourishing Ourselves Originating Novel Expression  

Iron Poets – A Poem

Iron is for bridges Superstructures for futures Steam and great engines Unbending and ancient One of the first atoms spasmed From the billions-ancient chasm Of our birth in cataclysm For turning? No it isn't.   But unsung Iron makes bombs   Poets they are plastic aesthetes, airy elastic never nailed down cloud-head-clowns Filled with conceits... Continue Reading →

Collaborations – A Poem

Benevolent viral minds entwine spaces susurrate in delicate elliptic traces I am consonant with you are grapheme of me we inseparably inscribe over mind into aether and inhaled breath of words re-taled as uncountable notes float in to one symphony of poetry I need you to love me as I love you to make me... Continue Reading →

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