Last push for C4C! – Good news in a good world that only thinks it’s bad

Hi All. C4C goes live in two days! One last push folks.

If you haven’t done this already – PLEASE retweet. It’s for a good cause, costs nothing, takes seconds and could make a massive difference πŸ™‚ You don’t have to follow C4C, or even care who we are – just PRESS MY BUTTON!! You’d have to be SO COLD not to 😈

Don't let Cameron win!! Re-Tweet, re-blog, follow, volunteer! do it all!!!

Don’t let Cameron win!! Re-Tweet, re-blog, follow, volunteer! do it all!!!

This hopeful idea has already done so much. So many wonderful bloggers have offered time, advice, re-blogs… the C4C badge is dotted around the blog-o-sphere and…

We have FULL 12 HOUR COVERAGE for the USA!! – 9 hours for Europe and 10 for Canada and Australia. Basically you people are AWESOME!!

No matter what happens on the 25th, you bloggers have given me more than one rush of teary eyed delight at the loveliness of people in the world. During a time when the news has drowned us in some terrible tragedies, don’t let us lose sight of the love. It might not make good television, but with no financial gain on offer, over 60 bloggers have formed a group to offer and support something beautiful.

Twenty Bloggers are taking time out of their xmas day to help others. Forget the expensive crap we practically kill ourselves buying – THIS is what you call Christmas spirit! Even Justin is helping out…!

I can't even imagine a better present for Christmas! SUBSCRIBE!!

I can’t even imagine a better present for Christmas! SUBSCRIBE!!

Did I mention the Tweet!! PRESS IT!!

Yeah, that felt good didn’t it…

See you in two days πŸ˜€

(49 Followers – 20 Volunteers!!)

Volunteers (BIG BIG THANKS!)
Rarasaur Saur

The world is insane and I'm in writing therapy!

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26 comments on “Last push for C4C! – Good news in a good world that only thinks it’s bad
  1. JackieP says:

    I would do this just for the Justin B thing! hehehe Go C4C!!

  2. merbear74 says:

    Reblogged this on knocked over by a feather and commented:
    Pass it on…

  3. merbear74 says:

    I don’t tweet..but will do another reblog.

  4. Reblogged this on THE ANIMAL SPIRITS and commented:
    A small group of people with a common heart-set can make a profound difference in the lives of others. A group of WordPress bloggers have formed “Company for Christmas” (C4C) a multi-national collaboration to offer company and companionship to those who are alone this Christmas. The group is inviting bloggers to volunteer to be part of this service and welcoming the public to participate in the discussions. People supporting people in a positive way . . . it certainly is “good news in a good world that only thinks it’s bad.”

  5. HA, I love the Bieber one. I love pushing peoples’ buttons. It’s what I do best, Panda. Are we ready for this? No! Gonna do it anyway? Hells, yeah!

  6. I posted a link to this to FB asking if my readers there to Tweet.

    • ruleofstupid says:

      Thanks Spirits – appreciate your dogged determination!

      • I have wanted to volunteer to be available on Christmas evening, but my family and their plans are still not set in terms of schedule. Might I be able to volunteer as a last minute supporter? If not, I will definitely still log in and be a part of the event as a member of the public. ~G

      • ruleofstupid says:

        Certainly you can. If you comment on the blog when you arrive and say “Hi it’s me, I’m here from 9-11 (or whatever) if you need me – you can be given a post by whoever’s volunteering so you can chat to someone. I’ve just learned all trains are cancelled (second time in a month) – so my plans are all kinds of buggered. We must be flexible – we are here to reduce troubles, not create them πŸ˜€

      • O.K. Thanks. As soon as I know my available times will follow your directions above and will take part. I think the idea is wonderful. ~G

  7. Reblogged this on aliceatwonderland and commented:
    Popped in just to promote C4C again – Panda is being nice, you guyz. Check it!

  8. gonz says:

    Fantastic idea, mate. I’ll promote this via the gonzarro public relations system.

  9. […] Last push for C4C! – Good news in a good world that only thinks it’s bad. […]

  10. Mr Oh says:

    Hey, good on you man for setting this up. I’ve shared a link to C4C on my personal Facebook page and am following with interest.

    • ruleofstupid says:

      I do hope people may want to talk, and will know we are here. It’s been wonderful really – I opened my reader today to find it filled with my C4C post, reblogged by so many good friends. This is gift enough for me in many ways. Have a wonderful time Mr Oh πŸ˜€

  11. are we all getting a teensy weensy bit excited for this? I am πŸ™‚

  12. Retweeted and looking forward to the site going live.

  13. Teeny Bikini says:

    Seriously, dude. How did you embed a tweet on your page?! Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot. My bad. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

  14. I have to join in too.
    Nice work, Panda.

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