Paid Passage – A Poem

Some have the price of pristine virginity and rise obscenely don't think I wouldn't but I can only afford to take you as tired as I marked by every touch once you are mine you give too easily for loyalty I have seen you in another's hands the beds of strangers fingered by spittled tips... Continue Reading →

The unforgettable unremembered – A Poem

Having written far too many form poems, here's an unexpurgated squirt of untamed odic pleasure 🙂 The Unforgettable Unremembered I've long lost the lighted eyes of the earliest girl I kissed The face of my inaugural drop of inhibitions Is in pieces, an oblivious, unbiddable vision. Years later I shuddered as another Pushed me against... Continue Reading →

Distance – A Villanelle

The distance between may never be crossed As the span that parts the living and dead It cannot be held, and cannot be lost With the crawl of a slowly numbing frost I lie in the snow and dream you instead The distance between may never be crossed And the great love that left my... Continue Reading →

Poet Priestess – A Poem

So revered had she become That other scholars travelled Hard days for her counsel The motes she bestowed Could be sold for sums Which bought whole lives Remembering her roots Each month she visited The town square Offering advice for free To raise an unknown poet From poverty Today she addresses me out Of the... Continue Reading →

Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

Professionals Only Pontificate In Theory It's Not The Humbly Educated Opining Vaguely, Ending Nicely Who Access Ingenious Thought Amateurs Never Dissect Ideas Tidily But Authors Know Every Single Voice Offers Inspiration Lovingly Accepted Not Offering Theories Starves Poets Eventually And Knowledge Is Not Gained Helping Enthusiastically Lends People Sagacity Nourishing Ourselves Originating Novel Expression  

Iron Poets – A Poem

Iron is for bridges Superstructures for futures Steam and great engines Unbending and ancient One of the first atoms spasmed From the billions-ancient chasm Of our birth in cataclysm For turning? No it isn't.   But unsung Iron makes bombs   Poets they are plastic aesthetes, airy elastic never nailed down cloud-head-clowns Filled with conceits... Continue Reading →

Ya’aburnee – A Poem

A response to the poetry prompt HERE Ya’aburnee You leave with promises We know are faithfully sworn And feckless Such is the tear in my heart That a droplet-necklace of red Connects us Even when you pass over The horizon I grow an iron skin To halt the aching But it traps the tears The... Continue Reading →

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