Blow dried and back!

I hope some day that these natural disasters will wake us up to the importance of our environment - both nature and our neighbours - not only in forcing us to think about the climate but also about what matters in life.

Valentine’s mess idge

Hi folks. Welcome to my Valentine's mess. I'd hoped to do something better but it's now Friday so I'm too late! Several people requested Come For Company on Valentine's, so it's open today. I'm working most of the day and baby sitting tonight, so may not offer much myself. I hope those who need it... Continue Reading →

Better than the Queens message

Tomorrow is Christmas and soon 2014. This is I suppose my Christmas message. I'm away from home and without my usual toys so alas no cartoons 😦 But lots of deep meaningful pontification. Don't worry - it get's happy towards the end! This was a year which saw drastic cuts to benefits, pay rises for... Continue Reading →

Distance – A Villanelle

The distance between may never be crossed As the span that parts the living and dead It cannot be held, and cannot be lost With the crawl of a slowly numbing frost I lie in the snow and dream you instead The distance between may never be crossed And the great love that left my... Continue Reading →

Ebb Tide – A Poem

My world is water in a glass my heart the meniscus surface of all experience Your fingers rest on the lip I kiss them as my world washes in micro-tidal waves And the shock has passed and the glass is still and the waves subside and my kiss diminishes Each rebound rises a little less... Continue Reading →

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