Well now that’s just lazy – Part one

Last weekend I had a soiree planned that went all arse-in-the-air because of some falling dampness. This weekend it’s actually going to happen – yay!

So I won’t have time for rants and puff, and will instead schedule two posts with songs on. If this isn’t good enough for you – and hey, I understand I’ve set the bar ridiculously high thus far, then check-out some of my old stuff which I wrote before becoming the worlds most desirable Panda.

Very few have found it yet, but it’s very rewarding if you do – a bit like the clitoris – eh Teeny! 🙂

So. This is a very rough recording – just me sat in front of my Mac, recording straight into the built-in Mic. I hate my voice, so could spend hours telling you I’m not really a singer, but I think that will become obvious all on its own 😉

I’ve got dozens of songs, so if you like it – or if it’s so bad you wet yourself laughing, I can post more for your delectation.


18 thoughts on “Well now that’s just lazy – Part one

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  1. I imagine Oliver Twist singing this to the Artful Dodger in some twisted version of the classic musical. Nice song.

  2. Really?! You sing? Is that you singing? How could one person be so talented. And I am not just saying that because you mentioned my clitoris in print 🙂 That song was really touching. You are kinda awesome…

    1. Thanks Teeny. I hate my voice, so I’d never call myself a singer, but I love doing it – so I’m a trier! Glad you liked it.
      Hopefully a few people will find their way to your clitoris from this mention! (as long as they’ve washed their hands!)

  3. …so is that you playing the guitar? I love acoustic guitar… and your singing is not near what you had me prepared for – I like your voice, you should give yourself a break…

    1. Thanks MSH – For some reason your last comments all went to spam :~ Hopefully they’ll be ok now.
      Yes, it’s me playing – sat in front of my Mac – hence the vaguely ‘in a toilet’ ambience!
      I’m glad you liked it. I’m thinking of recording some more in the ‘rough’ way. Watch this space 🙂

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