Real to Real – A Poem

My previous post generated some comments between myself and Susan - which after some editing became this! So. If you fancy it, I offer a challenge. From your own blog (or another), can you pick a comment chain and - with minimal editing - turn it into a poem? If so, link to the poem... Continue Reading →

Well now that’s just lazy – Part Deux

So here's part two of nothing. I'm still away and letting my WP scheduler post for me. Hopefully I'll come back to hundreds of adoring comments, or at least some sarcastic and bitter ones about how shoddy these two posts have been. Once again, I've got old stuff which you could look at, or you'll have... Continue Reading →

Freedom II – A Poem

My only rule is that I shall not be bound by any rules By custom we paint our houses white I painted mine black I have incurred several injuries from low furniture My friend offered a game of chess I said no When asked I explained why So it is a rule that you do... Continue Reading →

Minding the House – A Poem

Minding the House This house is all wrong. The headboard on the bed is too big, Both armchairs, once plump, are now turgid, The chest of drawers too small by half. The sideboard warping , the handles too large (And there’s nothing but rubbish in the bottom drawer.) The entranceway has a collapsing haunch. The... Continue Reading →

Sell-o-phane – A Poem

Sell me sell me sell me A bottle of acti-freeze small wrap of nullity upper-shelf magazine   Sell me sell me sell me an MP3 a new TV something glossy but essentially empty Sell me sell me sell me first person shooter new gaming computer smartphone commuter Sell me sell me sell me intellectual pornography... Continue Reading →

Progeny – A Poem

Some days all the libraries in the world Wall to wall with wisdom Are a screaming futility Against the fact The act Of living   We do not breathe in pages With their static smug knowing Nailed butterfly death   Ink and yesterday Is no analgesic   Some days to smile is to crawl over... Continue Reading →

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