Rubato – A Sestina and Poetry Challenge

The sestina is evil, having a complicated form based on sixes which is explained further below. I tried this out due to a personal challenge from Crabby, who I will make suffer in return! So this weekends Poetry challenge is to write a sestina. Being really strict, you should have 10 syllables per line, or... Continue Reading →

Sing Me – A Poem

While you are wrong and I am right You play in a diminished key To my major melody In a painful cacophony Our notes a loud War cloud   While you are right and I am wrong My minor line coaxes tears While your dominant scale sneers In an assault on the ears Duelling staccato... Continue Reading →

Little Bits Of Soul – A Poem

Little Bits of SoulLittle babies babble on aluminium discsSlivered off, it drifts through the etherA sub-aural hiss. The noise just noise deprived of thisDespite its intangible existence Does it settle on old vinyl, an extra susurrusInto valves and tubes like dust,A sonic spirit incubus Is it vagrant in the air, does it sustainThrough despair does it offer refrain Or... Continue Reading →

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