21st Century Love

A perfect body is like a blank page: it fills you with a desire to write, but gives you nothing to say.

Where age has marked and time has left it’s signature: this is where real love is made.

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    1. Hey Alice. As per your last comment – phew! And yes, life has gone as well for me! Hope you’re settling back in California – at least it won’t be so damp. Hope your health is stronger now too. I may rarely get to WP these days – but it would be a lonely place without Alice πŸ™‚

      1. Panda,
        It’s VERY GOOD to see you around.
        And I’m very glad to hear that life has gone well for you. I assume this includes kid, relationship, job and housing. Last I remember you were dodging a flood for the holidays.

        Things are indeed lovely in my life now as well. We settled in. I didn’t die from emergency surgery (YAY!) and now feel better than in decades.

        We found a cozy little house (enormously expensive rental) in the exact right place for us for right now. We have a few live-and-in-person friends. The kids and husband seem happy.

        I barely dodged a sicko administrative “wear this lawyer bait and target 24/7” doctor job that would have paid me almost the fortune we’re paying in rent up until I got thrown to the lawyers. ((SIGH)) Maybe next time…

        I ain’t dead yet. πŸ™‚


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