10 tiny philosophical nuggets for a happier life

If you blame another for your suffering you also give them the power to heal that suffering.

Once you stop blaming, you can take back that power and heal yourself.

In a society which is ruled by madness the sane person will be mocked by the majority.

Never be afraid to appear a fool – your audience are mostly mad.

Choice is not freedom but imprisonment.

Without choice there are no decisions to become trapped in.

If love is not in the answer to your question then the answer will not make you happy.

The only destination is death. Any other is an illusion.

We never stop moving, we are never in just one place.

If you seek enlightenment you cannot find it.

To seek is to admit one does not already have.

It is not possible to hurt another and not hurt oneself.

All harm is a communal event.

If you can buy it, it will not make you happy.

It’s easy to see other peoples problems, hard to fathom our own.

Life in the service of others is the only road to real contentment, because what is needed is easily seen.

One’s own wisdom is the only truth of one’s life.

One’s illusions are the cause of all suffering.

Take care when deciding which is which.

So – that’s Panda’s collection of self-penned aphorisms. Make of them what you will, and feel free to share any of your own, or your favourites – but no cliches. Even if the above are crap, they’re my crap.

Share something I won’t have seen on a million Facebook walls!

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