Blow dried and back!

I’m back on dry land and back to normal after an interesting and very wet weekend!

Thank you all for the messages of good luck, you lovely people you.

It’s kind of annoying to sort everything just in time to go back to work – not even a day off for all my troubles! Bah – Panda Huff. On the other hand it brought our family together on Sunday and we had a lovely time – a bit like being a real family again.

My little brush with the storm was nothing and my best wishes go out to those who’ve been overrun, some of whom have lost homes and businesses.

I hope some day that these natural disasters will wake us up to the importance of our environment – both nature and our neighbours – not only in forcing us to think about the climate but also about what matters in life.

This freak weather is another reminder that we are wasting our existence – frittering on a game of profit and toys. If storms washed away all our TV’s and cars, all our food and homes what would we do – and what would really matter?

With food, most of us couldn’t grow our own but have become reliant on supermarkets. It’s not so far fetched to imagine those supermarkets being unable to supply us – and then what?

With our TV’s and gadgets – would it really matter? I am increasingly convinced that television is merely used to keep us sedated – a toy that entertains enough to keep us quiet while never educating enough to encourage protest.

Above it all – if everything was washed away but we could still be with those we love wouldn’t that be all that mattered? Our love could drive us to finding ways to survive and our friends would help us laugh while we endured. In the end, being trapped by a storm, being momentarily thrown out of life’s numbing routine, only served to show me how much I wish I could escape that treadmill for good.

They may say I’m a dreamer…

14 thoughts on “Blow dried and back!

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  1. Panda,
    I really relate to your post today. After having the direction of my life acutely re-routed in January by a “freak” flood where things had “never” flooded before, I’ve found that life lessons just keep pouring in like the muddy river water that surrounded and ran through our house.

    1. Yes. Family is number one. Relationships trump everything.

    2. You can never never never know what will happen in the next moment. Not ever. Not even that.

    3. Somebody has to grow the food. France’s “freak” cold and wet weather for the past two years is pinching their food supply.

    4.We all have to get VERY ACTIVE doing every single thing we can to save the planet and ourselves. If we kill all the bees with “freak” pesticides (as is being done in the U.S. right now) no food crops will survive and make food. We’ll all be surviving on steroid-enhanced concentration-camp cattle, anti-biotic-fed chickens and chemically-fractionated corn “products”. Oh. Wait. That’s American food. Never mind. It’s okay to kill all the bees. We don’t need no stinkin’ bees here.

    The company who’s making this pesticide is suing the EU for banning its use in the EU. The EU doesn’t want to subsist on feedlot cattle and corn-derivatives The EU has to stand strong together on this.

    WooHoo. I haven’t had the energy for a rant since the flood. Thanks for always bringing out the best in me. πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry we missed C4C, Panda… our daughter wanted to go to RadCon (radcon DOT org, i.e., our local SF/fantasy/gaming convention, there’s also a Wikipedia article for it, amazingly) and so that’s where we were. We didn’t prep enough in advance and there was just no time to drop in. Maybe we can return for St. Paddy’s?

    1. That’s cool Jak. As it goes only one person came… Very sad! I’m not sure when we should do next. St Pats isn’t really.a lonely time and I don’t want to dilute the goodness. I’ll have a think. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh no, only one person? That’s a shame…

        No, I guess St. Pat’s isn’t particularly lonely. (But it is kinda weird for teetotalers, sometimes.) Not imagining Easter is, either.

        I was thinking of C4C recently, though, as another blogger decided (maybe in a fit of boredom, I don’t know) to try to break the WordPress record for total comments on a single post. It did get to be chat on a blog in some ways.

  3. Sorry I missed C4C for Valentine’s RoS! I came down with a bug & was under the weather enough to want to just lay about & do nothing. I am taking an online Climate course at the University of Exeter & we have been studying things we will need to do to save the planet. Super interesting! I will need to write some blogs about this if I can ever get caught up on my reading. I was also hijacked by the Olympics, so I am so far behind now!

    1. Cool, I got my masters at Exeter UK uni. I hope someone can save us!
      Don’t worry about Valentine’s. Xmas is the thing for me. Hope your no longer under the weather so you can get on top of the weather… Or something :*)

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