Ya’aburnee – A Poem

A response to the poetry prompt HERE Ya’aburnee You leave with promises We know are faithfully sworn And feckless Such is the tear in my heart That a droplet-necklace of red Connects us Even when you pass over The horizon I grow an iron skin To halt the aching But it traps the tears The... Continue Reading →

Distant Friends – A Poem

I want to sit with you And share brandy As we laugh about Our memories And feel the warmth Of log-fire bodies In proximity And friendship But we will never meet And the elastic Frustrated glorious Can't be Is perhaps what makes we But it kills me For I am swollen with loving Only possibly

Old and new – A Poem

Triggered by a prayer like gravity, and susan daniels - this is my response to gravity's prompt. Old and New I had no truck with romance and fluff Call me a crusty old gust of yesterdays stuffy huff if you must There were gambles I could make but where the heart was at stake I... Continue Reading →

Collaborations – A Poem

Benevolent viral minds entwine spaces susurrate in delicate elliptic traces I am consonant with you are grapheme of me we inseparably inscribe over mind into aether and inhaled breath of words re-taled as uncountable notes float in to one symphony of poetry I need you to love me as I love you to make me... Continue Reading →

Breaking Love – A Poem

A magnificent river Full of life   A landslide   The great boulder rolled To the centre Furies waters Ever after   The cradle Now a thrash   Rocks   May erode in time   Before the waters Subside   Will the river run dry

Sing Me – A Poem

While you are wrong and I am right You play in a diminished key To my major melody In a painful cacophony Our notes a loud War cloud   While you are right and I am wrong My minor line coaxes tears While your dominant scale sneers In an assault on the ears Duelling staccato... Continue Reading →

Breadline – A Poem

This is for Trifecta. Lot's of 3's involved. The topic was the word Crush, the definition 3: to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding <crush rock>. My effort is written with 3 words per line, 3 lines per verse, 99 words (33 x 3), so I think the 3's are covered 🙂 Breadline A mere... Continue Reading →

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