The RoS Poetry Competition Awards… Ooh, Phweet, Boing!

Well, my first experiment in running a competition has ended. I had visions of a blank comments section and the sound of a lonely wind, but happily there were six entries from old and new Blends (that’s Blog Friends for those who haven’t tortured themselves with my previous ramblings).

Big thanks go to:


My Spoken Heart

Irish Katie

Face at the Window

Ramblings from a Mum


who all wanted to get free ping backs and cheap hits from all the mentions on my outrageously popular Blog!

Well ha! Shows you, coz practically no-one reads me, so there…! Oh… Bugger… *sobs*

Panda takes rejection well(I can't get enough of the whole "shoot myself in the head" gag...)
Panda takes rejection well
(I can’t get enough of the whole “shoot myself in the head” gag…)

On a more serious note, I haven’t been blogging long, but I have read a lot and made some nice Blends. Part of my reason for doing this ‘competition’, apart from wanting to have a cheap laugh at other peoples crap poetry, was to try and get other Blends to meet.

To that effect I’m delighted to have met Ramblings and Katie, and I see people have popped in to see each others posts and so also met. I’m like an insulting and demanding dating service for Blogs!

If this doesn't sink the 'fierce' image, nothing will!
If this doesn’t sink the ‘fierce’ image, nothing will!

You can call me RudeOfCupid!!

By now you’re probably wondering when I’ll get round to announcing the results. Well, for once I know at least six people will actually read the whole post, at least until the results, so I’m going to use all my crap jokes up and burble on for hours and hours…

No I won’t – as if I’d be so cruel (or waste crap jokes when I could use them for another post!)

So it is with great delight and rude gestures you cannot see that I announce the winner of RoS’s poetry compet’ish’on… ta, da da, da da, da daaaaaaaa…



Yeah, in a cheap cop-out I’ve decided to give everyone the hard work of coming up with my next six posts… I mean, a prize, give everyone a prize!!

Congratulations FaceI know life will never be the same now...
Congratulations Face
I know life will never be the same now…

I think as ‘pure poetry’, Face at the Window came up with the most ‘stand-alone’ piece, so I will offer her the choice of the three prizes – a review, poem or guest spot.

But since everyone came up with such great stuff, and I wouldn’t put a gnats dangler between them, I’m offering the other entrants a poem.

If you’d like to, you can specify a topic (e.g. carrots) and mood (e.g. happy) and I’ll write a poem around it. Whether you just want to be cruel and ask me to write a Shakespearean Sonnet about whelks, or if you’d like me to create a love poem dedicated to your partner, pet or the curious patch of kitchen mould you’ve become strangely fond of, pop your request below.

Thank you folks for taking part in my fun-stuff, I’m really glad you did and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Panda hugs for everyone!!

12 thoughts on “The RoS Poetry Competition Awards… Ooh, Phweet, Boing!

Add yours

  1. Oh RudeofCupid – I’ve said it before, I shall say it once more.. You’re a complete nutter but the loveable kind. I graciously accept your Big Thanks nomination (courtesies) I am also happy that you have Katie’s name up there and of course all the other fabulous people. Big Congrats to face at the Window. **Claps** Yes I read the whole post and I have also visited others that follow your wicked and evil ways and now follow them. So I thank yee kindly for introducing them, for there are some marvellously talented folk amongst them. I thoroughly enjoyed..and now you have the hang of it you can begin working on the next comp!
    PLEASE do a poem on Panda having trouble with Paws????? no? Pfft juz a suggestion. Ok I have rambled on quite enough and it’s 1.10am precisely…so be off with you RudeofCupid 😉 and thanks.

      1. You are a legend..I lost sleep over it..well almost. Thank you for doing what you did …oh damn it was meant to be a secret…looks one heard that did they? 😉

  2. When you’re really lovely
    But you think you’re pooh
    Depression comes to tell you
    It’s the lovely thing that’s true

    Could you add to this a bit? 🙂

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