Rambly Mum and MerBear’s Poetry Prizes

Rambly Mum asked me to write a poem about Panda’s struggle with Paws.

Panda is a grumpy sod

Who often rants at you

But if you had Panda paws and claws

Then you’d be grumpy too

If you tried to dress your dinners

From jars of pickled, spiced bamboo

But fumbled slipped and dropped the shit

Then you’d be grumpy too

If you laid your lady Panda

On the bed so you might woo

But tore each condom you tried to don

Then you’d be grumpy too

If you felt you had to rant

Because your sex life gets you blue

But typed like you wore boxing gloves

Then you’d be grumpy too

So spare a thought for Panda

Who can’t even self abuse

If you tore your bits when you flicked your wrist

Then you’d be grumpy too

And MerBear asked me to expand on a comment I made for her (which is the first four lines).

When you’re really lovely

But you think you’re only pooh

Depression comes to tell you

It’s the lovely thing that’s true

When you dream of flying

But think you can’t do these things

Depression comes to tell you

You already have your wings

When you look at other people

Believing they’re better by far

Depression comes to tell you

That you’re perfect as you are

If you hold back your potential

With frightened false beliefs

Depression comes to tell you

That you can achieve great things

When you bruise it hurts you

So that you take some extra care

You don’t discard your body

Just because a bruise is there

The same way your depression

Warns to love yourself some more

It pushes you to grow and change

And that’s what friends are for

I hope you both like them 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Rambly Mum and MerBear’s Poetry Prizes

Add yours

      1. Nah–you are too realistic–try Blue Mountain instead–or better yet, start your own business–you can call then F Off and Die Panda Cards. You will be a millionaire in less than a year, with people lining up to get your alternately bitingly sarcastic or wildly romantic greeting cards… .

  1. That’s a wonderful idea of Susan’s 🙂 Thank you SO much for the Panda Pear Paw Poem (hmm lot’s of peas there) I loved it, I was in hysterics! I loved Merbear’s one also. Such a talented little Panda you are. You rose to the challenge and completed with honours – well done Sir 🙂

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