Words of warning for Blog-hoppers about greasy gravatar gits

Hi folks, just a quickie.

In my kidney-crushingly funny series on Blogging Tips – I ranted at those annoying bastards who just “like you and run” to drive traffic to their site.

I love myself, so you don’t have to.

I have now been hit by the most gratuitous like-and-run I’ve yet had. The cretinous Robert Gibb, he of the ‘punch-me-in-the-face-grin’ and smarmy gravatar has liked lots of my posts. He is not even a blogger, not even using a blog to sell – just a straight-forward crap-shop web-site.

So this is me, doing what I can to ‘anti-spam’ that pissant little shit who has defiled my blog. WORDPRESS ARE YOU LISTENING? We deserve the control to remove SPAM likes from our posts – especially from brill-creamed bastards trying to make a fast buck through exploiting peoples paranoia over their body image.

Searching for Robert Gibb and supplements, looking for “truthaboutabs.com” (DO NOT VISIT THIS LINK- it’s a rip-off, I’m just trying to steal some of his SEO)? I hope that brought you to this page instead. He’s a twat of the first order. Go somewhere else. Go ANYWHERE ELSE.

56 thoughts on “Words of warning for Blog-hoppers about greasy gravatar gits

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    1. Whats weird is that this is my most commented post by far – is my other writing so bad!!
      Anywho, I’m hoping search engines will now come here and not to him – so we win in the end!

  1. Wait, what? Who is this guy? I don’t pay that much attention to likes so I don’t know if he liked me or not. I know in the beginning I got followed by people who were so creepy I was thinking maybe just maybe they weren’t there to see my Alice in Wonderland pics. Or maybe they were which is even creepier.

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