Poetry Prompt – Four Antonyms

Thank you to the people who have begun to write to these prompts. I’m really enjoying the poetry and how it has connected me to so many other great poets.

I will get back to writing rants as well, but I’m a bit tied up with other projects at the moment.

These prompts are open to all, non-exclusive, there’s no club, badges, deadlines or panel of judges. Anyone who reads this and wants to respond, please do. I’d love a ping-back or comment so I can see the result, but that’s up to you – no pressure 🙂

Todays prompt is Four Antonyms.

You should pick two pairs of antonyms. The poem will start and end with your first pair of antonyms. The tone will be set by your second pair, moving between them.

So if you choose Life/Death Sad/Happy then the first word of your poem is Life, the last word is Death. It starts sad but ends happy.

Notice that the tone antonyms are also opposite to the words. Starting with life and writing happy, then ending on death and being sad is too easy – no challenge at all!

Pick your own pairs – open a book at random, look at the newspaper, pluck some from thin air!

If you struggle I have provided a few. You can use any word pair with any tone pair.

First Word Last word Start tone End Tone
Black White Love Hate
Fake Real Excitement Dread
Dry Wet Freedom Confinement
Cold Hot Fable Futuristic
Funeral Birth Peace War

9 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt – Four Antonyms

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  1. I’ve been off the radar (in Africa baby) so catching up now. It is weird how in sync we often are tho, http://www.stranger! My friend LD and I challenged each other to creativeness recently, sharing our efforts at our weekly quiz nights. Week one: write poem/story with three set words (keyhole, smoke, balloon). Week two: write a poem about a sunset without using adjectives. Sadly, we’re rubbish, so we’ve failed to continue so far. But I think I’m gonna have to use your prompts as inspiration! Can I pretend I came up with them? Cool, thanks.

    1. While you’ve been away I’ve started a whole blog dedicated to writing and inspiring poetry! It’s fun, but hard to keep up with blogs, life etc.
      Steal my prompts, please do – though you have anyway! I shall be posting another soon – steal that too ! 🙂

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