Poetry prompt – A twist in the tale

For this prompt you need to write a poem which has a surprise twist.

The poem should be made of four stanzas of equal length – no more than eight lines each.

The twist must be all in the final stanza.

That’s it – no required metre or anything. The rules are easy but the poem could be hard. This exercise is good for focussing on shaping the narrative in a poem.

Have fun!

Here is my somewhat obvious example

Tick Tick

The bomb in the mailbox
will ensure I do not decorate
her finger today
the violinist will not play
my meticulous planning
and our dreams are in vain

She is beautiful enough
that it takes the witch from her raven hair
and turns it sultry
I see nothing else as I walk
she in glide and flow beside me
the melody to my metronome

We take a table outside the cafe
order a drink and I catch
the waiters conspiring wink
Once she says yes
everything will change
in her I can start again

Then a surprise message beeps
I check the text, which reads
"Your device has failed, you 
are now a target."
As I fall I hear her scream begin
But never hear it end

19 thoughts on “Poetry prompt – A twist in the tale

Add yours

  1. She lay quietly on the plush carpet
    Without clothes and without sin
    The fireplace flame arched and spread
    And the warmth was soothing on her body

    He was still clad in an old maroon robe
    The front bow untied and hanging loosely
    His eyes sparkled from the fireside glow
    A soft sated smile adding to rosy cheeks

    His hand gently caressed her blond hair
    And a low moan emanated deep within
    The beautifully splayed form on the rug
    Sated smile now wider with smug delight

    The low moan became suddenly a growl
    Intense in its now most pressing need:
    “Okay,” the man spoke in subdued tones,
    “I’ll let you out for your final pee of the night.”

    1. I have added your quote mark back in B-Ray. I gave me a titter on first reading, but now my tainted Panda mind is disturbed by the potential in-flagrante-felixio that is implied!
      Thank you for responding and further polluting my brain πŸ˜‰

  2. Overlook the Heavy Ones

    Overweight, my foot steps are
    heavy across the ground
    its bitter and snow covers all around
    but I am inside safe and warm
    I need the rest to have a break
    can’t control the food that I intake
    I’m tired it’s been a hard cold year
    but it’s not the tiredness that I fear

    I want to shut away the world
    be quiet left alone nothing to disturb
    no one to listen should I moan
    food is my only comfort my
    self pleasure and my need
    don’t judge me for what I am
    don’t tsk or shake your head
    for you do not know the real me

    I’ve struggled this whole fall
    my home my sanctuary far away
    from staring eyes who think me
    a disgrace people are so quick to surmise
    why they think I am obese they do not know the
    emptiness nor the struggles that I’ve faced
    no they just seem frightened do they think perhaps I’m bad
    or ashamed because of my size which truly makes me sad

    No no-one hasn’t got a clue
    they naturally walk the other way
    not willing to get to know me
    or how I feel today they look in my
    direction but simply scamper by
    not willing to come near me due only to my size
    fear in their eyes they look upon me with abomination
    but I am simply a grizzly bear ready for hibernation

    Did the ‘rhyme’ – thing again sorry Mr P πŸ˜‰

      1. but were you tricked or did you guess? I suppose one just has to read the last line first to figure it out..but that’s a bit cheaty- weaty πŸ˜‰ Back away from the biscuits!

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