New Poetry challenge

Hello to:

Rambly, FaceSusan, PrayerMimsy, Kellogg

…and anyone else who fancies writing poetry to a challenge prompt.

Our new challenge is this. Write a poem using apostrophe, the theme is saudade, and it must include the line “love across a bloody ocean” somewhere.

Yep, complicated, but it was Susan and myself who cooked it and she has promised to take half the blame 😉

Apostrophe: a figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present and was able to reply.

Saudade: accommodates in one word the haunting desire for a lost love, or for an imaginary, impossible, never-to-be-experienced love.

Saudade rather lends itself to apostrophic writing so hopefully it’s not too much of a stretch. (and it gave me the chance to say apostrophic like I know what I’m talking about!)

37 thoughts on “New Poetry challenge

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  1. Ya’aburnee

    You leave with promises
    We know are faithfully sworn
    And feckless

    Such is the tear in my heart
    That a droplet-necklace of red
    Connects us
    Even when you pass over
    The horizon

    I grow an iron skin
    To halt the aching
    But it traps the tears
    The bleeding
    Until the rust
    Eats through
    And I burst with longing
    For you

    A decade of unholy want
    Spills forth

    I’m calling to you my love
    Across a bloody ocean

      1. Now, now, now. That’s part #2 and does not count until I have produced something. Hopefully, what I will produce will be more pleasant than a stool sample 😉

  2. I have 3 days left (well 5) before I start work again… as long as there aren’t any time limits involved? Maybe today I shall try… heaven help me. Oh and the Iron Poets thing – Unfettered and I are coming along for the ride – but we are afraid…very afraid.. 🙂

  3. I thought the same thing as ramblings. Oh, I can put an apostrophe in something! I’m writing a poem. See – apostrophe. I’m writing a bloody poem in the ocean. There, whew.

    Seriously, that poem was really good.

      1. 🙂 YES UGH – it was HARD (I KNOW Panda likes it that way, but still…) and I don’t think that I did the apostrophe correctly, but i did like pieces of it after all 🙂

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