TV Withdrawal – A Poem

fleshy curiosity

toy numbed

luxury puppet




hungry fad

uncontrolled pad

sense plucker

watch sucker



moral maker

truth faker


lie parade




panic jabber

stand still

over filled

stretch spill



realise eyes

outreach HD

revisible company

final relief

12 thoughts on “TV Withdrawal – A Poem

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    1. A note on my feelings
      1st stanza – felt a strong attraction
      2nd stanza – felt lusty desire
      3rd stanza – felt ashamed
      4th stanza – felt the DT’s kick in
      5th stanza – the blank screen reflects my empty watching

      1. I like the tenor of your emotions, they strike a chord with mine, how harmonious it is 😀
        (okay, but mildly disturbed by your lusty desire – lexicophillia anyone?!)

      2. “lexicophilia” – that sound you just heard was me falling off my chair in laughter. I gotta remember that word. 😉

  1. I’m proud to tell of the last three times I watched broadcast TV.
    1. 9/11
    2. Obama’s acceptance speach
    3. The Londond Olympics (first ones since my mom died)

    and now with the internet I can watch any show I want and still maintain my smug-and-superior-pop-culture-disconnect attitude!
    Kind of like doing coke in the closet and saying “But I don’t do it at the clubs anymore….look at those people!”
    After all, sometimes I DO still want my opinion handed to me…

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