C4C Project

C4C is growing up!

C4CΒ began as a place to chat for bloggers who were alone at Christmas. Now it has become a place for bloggers to chat during other holidays or large occasions too. If you’d like to volunteer to keep people company, or need company yourself – visit C4C and contact us. You can see when people are next home on the Timetable page – but it’s my blog, so if no-one’s around you can always say hi to me and we’ll see what we can do!

In the past these people have volunteered…

2013’s Beautiful People πŸ™‚

Rarasaur Grayson Queen
Sheenmeem Fr. Eddie Tatro
JoyNPain Kate1975
John Erickson El Guapo
behindthemaskofabuse Marilyn
William Andrews Jaklumen
Jackie Benzeknees
PhrogMom Diane
Laura Madame Weebles
Cimmorene Taswegian1957
HuntMode Glorious Mettle
HA RuleofStupid

2012’s Heroes!

Rarasaur Changeforbetterme
SerenityintheCity Aliceatwonderland
thegreenstudy Faceatthewindow
simplyjyune Windycitywonderer
jasonwrites Thecurtainraiser
SusanDanielsden kirbysdawgblog
Myspokenheart WelcomeToTheAlternatePlanet
ramblingsfromamum MirthandMotivation
Jaschmehl GraysonQueen
Waywardspirit GloriousMettle
Doggysstyle Marsha Lee
sevilleestatesflyer FiftyFourandaHalf
Rhinohouse TheAnimalSpirits
Guapola CricketsCorner

30 thoughts on “C4C Project

Add yours

    1. Thanks Curtains. I’ve made up a ‘timetable’ that shows world time. I’m Brit, we have people from Canada, USA and Aus. Basically if you can watch the blog during the appropriate time for your zone. I’m guessing the lonely will be as widespread as the volunteers and it will work itself out πŸ™‚
      Would you like to be a volunteer (able to make posts and start chats?)

    1. Hi Ella. If you can offer an hour or two ‘watching the blog’ I can send you an invite ‘backstage’ where instructions await!
      Let me know. Otherwise you can just ‘drop by’ and chip in (but it would help the project if you nailed down a time).
      Thank you for your offer πŸ™‚

  1. Hi there! I live in NYC. We do a very low-key family day and I’d love to help out for an hour or two. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks for such a great idea! All the best, Margarita

  2. I want in! I know there is only two days till christmas, but i think this would be helpful for the whole christmas week.Would love to get to know new friends who for one reason or another might be alone this holiday!

    1. You are welcome to join! Thank you. I’ll send an invite in a mo with instructions. I’ll send slightly more detailed instructions in another email in a short while.
      As it’s last minute I can’t be here too long (I’m booked to do C4C later!) but it should be fairly clear how it works – and I will be dipping in and out πŸ™‚

  3. I was sent over by Rarasaur & I just had to tell you that your C4C idea was so fabulous that even three days after Christmas, you still rock in the biggest way! Best wishes for the new year!!

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