Blow dried and back!

I hope some day that these natural disasters will wake us up to the importance of our environment - both nature and our neighbours - not only in forcing us to think about the climate but also about what matters in life.


10 top ten things that turn out to be crap and not ten of them – of all time – ever!!

Hi Beautiful followers of the Panda! My new job seems to have temporarily removed my ability to have any kind of life!! I wake, work, get home, eat and find its bedtime and I'm knackered. Yet over Christmas and new year I reconnected with my Blends and remembered the joy of WordPress. I must post!... Continue Reading →

Leave and Return – A Poem

Leave and Return Before I leave, the last thing i see is the perfection that awaits me. A tiny life snug against a lifeful breast, A doting mother at rest.   The scent of a bed that contains The lineaments of all dreams, Everything that means, Tomorrow will be a good day.   When I return,... Continue Reading →

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