Last push for C4C! – Good news in a good world that only thinks it’s bad

Hi All. C4C goes live in two days! One last push folks. If you haven't done this already - PLEASE retweet. It's for a good cause, costs nothing, takes seconds and could make a massive difference 🙂 You don't have to follow C4C, or even care who we are - just PRESS MY BUTTON!! You'd... Continue Reading →

Tweet yourself this Christmas!

Jasc came up with a good idea of trying to get C4C freshly pressed so as many people as possible will know. Want to banish loneliness this Christmas? 'course you do! You can help the cause by re-tweeting this: Many Thanks! (46 Followers - 20 Volunteers - so far!!)

When the hospital makes you sick, where do you find a cure?

Warning: This is a discussion of the treatment of sexual abuse. Although there are no graphic descriptions, you may still find it upsetting. If you normally read The Sun, or watch Jeremy Kyle you should read these first: Otherwise, start here. Is it time we asked ourselves afresh how to deal with abuse?... Continue Reading →

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