Blow dried and back!

I hope some day that these natural disasters will wake us up to the importance of our environment - both nature and our neighbours - not only in forcing us to think about the climate but also about what matters in life.


The wrong kind of moist this Valentine’s!

Quick post from my phone. Sorry to those at Come For Company. I can't moderate as I'm unable to get home! England's floods have finally reached me. Glad I got a job and can afford to BnB for a night. Hope you have some good chats 🙂 See you when the boat comes in!

Panda blows smoke up everyone’s arse!

It's been interesting the last few days. America has a full-on hurricane and copes, England has some rain and falls apart. Trains cancelled, roads closed and my internet connection farting and mewling like a dyspeptic kitten trapped in bagpipes. Annoying. So my travels were cancelled and instead I'm here, breaking all my own blog rules... Continue Reading →

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