DC’s Guide to Polite Dictatorships – or – How to look nice while oppressing the weak

Cameron wants to put the price of alcohol up to prevent alcohol abuse. So let's follow that logic through. England has a growing obesity problem. Clearly the right approach is to raise food prices so that fat people can't afford to eat too much. We can call it the Cake Tax. All food which contains... Continue Reading →

Asylum – A Poem

The lunatics have got the keys and they're running things From their asylum in the city They call it democracy I call it madness Keep taking the tablets The world is backwards Freedom leaves us trapped In a society of actors From a universe of possibility Grew an ape family Who dreamed of the perfect... Continue Reading →

When the hospital makes you sick, where do you find a cure?

Warning: This is a discussion of the treatment of sexual abuse. Although there are no graphic descriptions, you may still find it upsetting. If you normally read The Sun, or watch Jeremy Kyle you should read these first: http://www.literacy-for-people-who-only-like-the-pictures.com http://www.you-could-think-before-just-borrowing-someone-elses-opinion.org Otherwise, start here. Is it time we asked ourselves afresh how to deal with abuse?... Continue Reading →

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