Abuse and asking why the papers can’t – please – JUST SHUT UP!

We live in a society riven by forms of abuse, abuses of power, financial abuses, war crimes and political deceit. In this climate sexual abuse is only an extreme example of the fundamental sickness in our society. We refuse to see ourselves as capable of harm, or culpable, yet we cause harm every day.


When the hospital makes you sick, where do you find a cure?

Warning: This is a discussion of the treatment of sexual abuse. Although there are no graphic descriptions, you may still find it upsetting. If you normally read The Sun, or watch Jeremy Kyle you should read these first: http://www.literacy-for-people-who-only-like-the-pictures.com http://www.you-could-think-before-just-borrowing-someone-elses-opinion.org Otherwise, start here. Is it time we asked ourselves afresh how to deal with abuse?... Continue Reading →

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