Tips for the Budding Blogger – Part 7 – The post with more sequels than Police Academy

...but probably even worse jokes than Police Academy... though no Steve Guttenberg, so it's not all bad. I know, more tips - it's like Christmas is happening every day… and you're a Jehovah's Witness. Tip 16. Follow everyone I've ranted about this elsewhere, but it deserves some further examination. 'Tactical following' is a popular habit... Continue Reading →

Cameron on Prisons: Another weak excuse for splenetic ranting

Faceatthewindow already made the excellent point that if a law is to have meaning it must be a law for everyone. On the other hand, sensationalist media likes to fill our heads with traumatic and depressing crap and lies until we don't know whether to shit or go blind. Here to clear up some recent... Continue Reading →

The One Ungrateful Bastard Award

I am the recipient of a 'One Lovely Blog' award. Three things are true about this. One. My feelings of moist delight towards my nominator - day-dream-daisies - are unequivocal. Two. Whatever else, it felt very affirming to be nominated. Three. I realise I'm not a huge fan of awards - at least as they... Continue Reading →

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