Paid Passage – A Poem

Some have the price of pristine virginity and rise obscenely don't think I wouldn't but I can only afford to take you as tired as I marked by every touch once you are mine you give too easily for loyalty I have seen you in another's hands the beds of strangers fingered by spittled tips... Continue Reading →

Poetry prompt – A twist in the tale

For this prompt you need to write a poem which has a surprise twist. The poem should be made of four stanzas of equal length - no more than eight lines each. The twist must be all in the final stanza. That's it - no required metre or anything. The rules are easy but the... Continue Reading →

Gorilla – A Poem

I had seen you on television where you were easily ignored but here you breathe twenty feet from me black as coal with the same potential to burn from the set of shoulders like cannonballs through massive chest articulate fingers that could crack bone and cup infants What is this majestic not primitive not natural... Continue Reading →

Ya’aburnee – A Poem

A response to the poetry prompt HERE Ya’aburnee You leave with promises We know are faithfully sworn And feckless Such is the tear in my heart That a droplet-necklace of red Connects us Even when you pass over The horizon I grow an iron skin To halt the aching But it traps the tears The... Continue Reading →

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