It isn’t broke and you can’t fix it

Recently the government has called for warning labels on wine as there are on cigarettes. That's right Cameron - we're really stupid. All this time we've been knocking back the hard stuff convinced it's got vitamins and life-giving magical wasp-semen in it. Thank god you're here to help us poor, retarded infants tie our shoes... Continue Reading →


David Cameron suffers from ‘Empathy Intolerance’ shocker

Reading the papers today I see that Cameron has said he feels ‘physically sick’ at the thought of prisoners getting the vote. Has he forgotten that Lord Archer was once a prisoner? Now – I feel sick at the thought of Lord Archer having any say in politics, but that has nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

The War on Drugs Part 4 – Power (not powder) corrupts

This is part four of a series in which I use the American drug war to examine wider social concerns. You can read the intro here, part one here, part two here, part three here. In part four we will look briefly at crime by 'drug-gangs', then more closely at the real mechanism that perpetuates this problem.

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