Ebb Tide – A Poem

My world is water in a glass my heart the meniscus surface of all experience Your fingers rest on the lip I kiss them as my world washes in micro-tidal waves And the shock has passed and the glass is still and the waves subside and my kiss diminishes Each rebound rises a little less... Continue Reading →

Lower Mammals – A Poem

What separates us from animals Is not our intellect or use of tools It's our ability to believe What isn't true When a bear loses a cub It will not wear conspicuous black Even as it looks at other cubs With contempt

Kill and cure – A Poem

These are my final moments I am driving to save you From the burnt-foul animal That stole your sleep Emptied your ribs When the truck grows Perspective explodes, I lose Control, watch the cab Tangle up cables Tear down buildings Become destruction Streets swell as if in recoil I have a mile two miles ten... Continue Reading →

Iron Poets – A Poem

Iron is for bridges Superstructures for futures Steam and great engines Unbending and ancient One of the first atoms spasmed From the billions-ancient chasm Of our birth in cataclysm For turning? No it isn't.   But unsung Iron makes bombs   Poets they are plastic aesthetes, airy elastic never nailed down cloud-head-clowns Filled with conceits... Continue Reading →

Ya’aburnee – A Poem

A response to the poetry prompt HERE Ya’aburnee You leave with promises We know are faithfully sworn And feckless Such is the tear in my heart That a droplet-necklace of red Connects us Even when you pass over The horizon I grow an iron skin To halt the aching But it traps the tears The... Continue Reading →

New Poetry challenge

Hello to: Rambly, Face, Susan, Prayer, Mimsy, Kellogg ...and anyone else who fancies writing poetry to a challenge prompt. Our new challenge is this. Write a poem using apostrophe, the theme is saudade, and it must include the line "love across a bloody ocean" somewhere. Yep, complicated, but it was Susan and myself who cooked it and... Continue Reading →

Distant Friends – A Poem

I want to sit with you And share brandy As we laugh about Our memories And feel the warmth Of log-fire bodies In proximity And friendship But we will never meet And the elastic Frustrated glorious Can't be Is perhaps what makes we But it kills me For I am swollen with loving Only possibly

Maze – A Poem

As long as my heart can express Without talking As long as my feet can still move Without walking As long as my words can still speak Without showing As long as my love can emerge Without knowing As long as my wisdom comes through Without truth As long as sincerity wins Without proof As... Continue Reading →

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