War is childish – conflict is essential – it’s all in the mind!

Conflict comes because two people are searching for the truth and think they have contradictory information. War comes because someone wants another person to agree with them regardless of the truth. At the root of this, for me, is the way in which we become attached to ideas about ourselves and to our own actions.... Continue Reading →

Lower Mammals – A Poem

What separates us from animals Is not our intellect or use of tools It's our ability to believe What isn't true When a bear loses a cub It will not wear conspicuous black Even as it looks at other cubs With contempt

The Painful Truth – A Poem

I had my heart's desire Is it heady wonder Now I'm just a lonely alcoholic Sharing jokes   I have learned the secrets of the world Each truth costing another Fragment of my life Every fragment tearing the happiness   From a stranger The future from a possibility The love from a loved one To... Continue Reading →

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