War is childish – conflict is essential – it’s all in the mind!

Conflict comes because two people are searching for the truth and think they have contradictory information. War comes because someone wants another person to agree with them regardless of the truth. At the root of this, for me, is the way in which we become attached to ideas about ourselves and to our own actions.... Continue Reading →

Dying to Live – A Poem (response to Antonym Prompt)

Written in response to this prompt. ** UPDATE: I'm part of a little collective of poets who have kindly critiqued this poem, the original is below and the re-write is the top one. ** Funeral processions flow The hearse hiss of tyres gentle kiss stately roll An end we live to escape or ignore Inevitable peace... Continue Reading →

Inner Child – A Poem

In search of a fantasy child Wild in joy, undefiled Mild in emotion and pure The door always open for more Sure and velvet kind Blind in the mist yet still fine Time not a death but an aid I've strayed and I've lied and I've paid Yet stayed on my journey to you True... Continue Reading →

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