Past Present – A Poem

You tear open your present, With a total delight That tears open my present From the paper comes joy Uncontained From the rip only yesterday Again When will I shake the shudder That quakes me utterly When happiness threatens I don't want to mourn The child of I That died Each time This child of... Continue Reading →

Hope lies in our response to despair – the evil victims can do.

**I should have posted this link initially, but here it is - The forgiveness project - teaching an alternative to hate.** I was a victim, became a survivor, then slowly, painfully, I became just a person. At last my future was no longer already written by the pen of my past; no longer an inevitable... Continue Reading →

The Painful Truth – A Poem

I had my heart's desire Is it heady wonder Now I'm just a lonely alcoholic Sharing jokes   I have learned the secrets of the world Each truth costing another Fragment of my life Every fragment tearing the happiness   From a stranger The future from a possibility The love from a loved one To... Continue Reading →

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