The distance between what is and what should be

For the first few months of this Blog I posted all the time, sometimes several posts in a day. Alas life has changed somewhat and I am struggling to post once or twice a week. I'm sure that things will swing back the other way at some point - but I wanted to let people... Continue Reading →

No Better Time – A Poem

As I rise I see outside The boundaries of me My house diminishes From sanctuary to sand grain Everything is plain All the wasted misery That fed nothing but vanity I am only salt dissolved in waves Ready at last To grasp the gift you gave Resolve my mistakes I reach the golden gates

Tapestry – A Poem

Life began As simple seeds From which we spun Fine threads Then woveTapestriesOf meaningIn which we watch Warp and weft As if they wereLife itselfSo in love With the clevernessOf our makingWe live for the processOf complicatingAnd have forgotten Our origin

Six tiny stories that might be poems

Car My parents left mea dirty ball To play with.“Don’t worry”, they said,“it’s good weather for sunbathing.” Bomb The explosion blinded.In all the protestwe could not seethe cost of living. Cogito Uh-Oh Son I saw my life on video.Heard my words in stereo.Read my thoughts in the local press.Found true love in a novelette. Intention... Continue Reading →

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