10 tiny philosophical nuggets for a happier life

If you blame another for your suffering you also give them the power to heal that suffering. Once you stop blaming, you can take back that power and heal yourself.


The War on Drugs Part 4 – Power (not powder) corrupts

This is part four of a series in which I use the American drug war to examine wider social concerns. You can read the intro here, part one here, part two here, part three here. In part four we will look briefly at crime by 'drug-gangs', then more closely at the real mechanism that perpetuates this problem.

Tapestry – A Poem

Life began As simple seeds From which we spun Fine threads Then woveTapestriesOf meaningIn which we watch Warp and weft As if they wereLife itselfSo in love With the clevernessOf our makingWe live for the processOf complicatingAnd have forgotten Our origin

She Captain – A Poem

She IS A shock of wonderful   She shakes her head I take to my bed and weep   She smiles for me I take to the streets and dance   This yes no romance Leaves me forlorn reborn torn worn out   Until I can lose these illusions To see yes no the same... Continue Reading →

Bitter Suite – A Poem

Revenge is not sweet Chicken brained we Peck at the world Clucking in pious reprimand For slights we insist upon Only through blindness Tearing feathers in the pursuit Of surface need Shitting in our sanctuary While broken necked we run free Revenge is not sweet

Conflict is the denial of what is

Conflict is the denial of what is or the running away from what is there is no other conflict than that -Krishnamurti   I can't think of a single example to disprove this. You might have to dig but in any fight, beneath any argument or propaganda, behind any rhetoric or political spin, no matter... Continue Reading →

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