Some new words for a modern dictionary

Words have increasingly been robbed of their real meaning, so in an effort to return to a language in which we can still speak the truth, here's a few words I'd like to introduce. Miserability : The capacity for something to suck the joy from any situation. Also, the index of this capacity. Example: Newspapers... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger – FatW gets mean all over her own ass! (oh my god that sounds disgusting!)

Eight-million years ago I ran a poetry competition and the prize was a guest post on Rule of Stupid (you can imagine the celebrations). In this guest post, competition winner Face At The Window pretends to be me writing about her, tres post-modern dahling... and I've thrown in some cartoons too. Bring it on... Guest... Continue Reading →

Poet Priestess – A Poem

So revered had she become That other scholars travelled Hard days for her counsel The motes she bestowed Could be sold for sums Which bought whole lives Remembering her roots Each month she visited The town square Offering advice for free To raise an unknown poet From poverty Today she addresses me out Of the... Continue Reading →

Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

Professionals Only Pontificate In Theory It's Not The Humbly Educated Opining Vaguely, Ending Nicely Who Access Ingenious Thought Amateurs Never Dissect Ideas Tidily But Authors Know Every Single Voice Offers Inspiration Lovingly Accepted Not Offering Theories Starves Poets Eventually And Knowledge Is Not Gained Helping Enthusiastically Lends People Sagacity Nourishing Ourselves Originating Novel Expression  

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