My only comment is, no comment…

While I am a being of the highest enlightenment I am also a tremendously sulky bastard. Recently I have tried to post various 'critical' comments. While I haven't said bad things about other Blogs (I am magnanimous enough not to expect my own high standards from other lesser mortals) I have made observations about poetry... Continue Reading →

Costa Del Fish’n’Chips – the problem with immigration

I am prompted by comments from three bloggers to have… …can you see it coming… to have… to have a… …you know don't you... to have a … RANT … YAY! First, I will give praise and joy for faceatthewindow for being ridiculously intelligent, danuiseult for sharing surprising facts and rusty doodle for unknowingly bringing... Continue Reading →

The One Ungrateful Bastard Award

I am the recipient of a 'One Lovely Blog' award. Three things are true about this. One. My feelings of moist delight towards my nominator - day-dream-daisies - are unequivocal. Two. Whatever else, it felt very affirming to be nominated. Three. I realise I'm not a huge fan of awards - at least as they... Continue Reading →

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