I want to be good, but I also love boobies!

I am seeking the feedback of those marvellous women who, for unfathomable reasons, choose to regularly digest this Panda's offerings. The following thought struck me as I passed an Ann Summers shop today. I hate Ann Summers. The why of this can be summarised very simply - because there is no Stan Summers. Ann Summers... Continue Reading →

Panda blows smoke up everyone’s arse!

It's been interesting the last few days. America has a full-on hurricane and copes, England has some rain and falls apart. Trains cancelled, roads closed and my internet connection farting and mewling like a dyspeptic kitten trapped in bagpipes. Annoying. So my travels were cancelled and instead I'm here, breaking all my own blog rules... Continue Reading →

Tips for the Budding Blogger – Part 2

Welcome to part two of my guide to writing. Simply follow these rules for writing the perfect blog and soon you will have more followers than Christ. Tip 4. Write with sensitivity. For example, never make gratuitous and potentially offensive references to other people's deities. Tip 5. Write what you want You can write your... Continue Reading →

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