Tips for the Budding Blogger 5 – continuing a theme in a cheap attempt to exploit its popularity

Welcome to those of you not yet bored of this series, I'm delighted to see you both. MORE TIPS I hear you mutter with faint disinterest... so here they are 🙂 Tip A. Don't lose track of your numbering system. And never stick with a running gag that is both very old and not funny.... Continue Reading →

Tips for the Budding Blogger – part 3÷7+⨕ ≌ âˆž

Part three of my essential Blog tips is here - whoo hoo. yay. great. I have been told by the Society for the Protection of the Over-Sensitive that I cannot post this without including the following warning. I say mean things about depressed people. If you're a depressed person this may upset you. On the... Continue Reading →

Tips for the Budding Blogger – Part 2

Welcome to part two of my guide to writing. Simply follow these rules for writing the perfect blog and soon you will have more followers than Christ. Tip 4. Write with sensitivity. For example, never make gratuitous and potentially offensive references to other people's deities. Tip 5. Write what you want You can write your... Continue Reading →

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