Kill and cure – A Poem

These are my final moments I am driving to save you From the burnt-foul animal That stole your sleep Emptied your ribs When the truck grows Perspective explodes, I lose Control, watch the cab Tangle up cables Tear down buildings Become destruction Streets swell as if in recoil I have a mile two miles ten... Continue Reading →

Hope lies in our response to despair – the evil victims can do.

**I should have posted this link initially, but here it is - The forgiveness project - teaching an alternative to hate.** I was a victim, became a survivor, then slowly, painfully, I became just a person. At last my future was no longer already written by the pen of my past; no longer an inevitable... Continue Reading →

History’s Fingers – A Poem

My great grand-parents were lost to the camps What of that My grand-mother a German-Jewish refugee What does that mean Although I try to deny This I cannot argue The symmetry The orphan gene That births its children With so much hunger That they cannot feed For eating A grandmother so displaced Full of rage... Continue Reading →

Progeny – A Poem

Some days all the libraries in the world Wall to wall with wisdom Are a screaming futility Against the fact The act Of living   We do not breathe in pages With their static smug knowing Nailed butterfly death   Ink and yesterday Is no analgesic   Some days to smile is to crawl over... Continue Reading →

Four Love – A quartet

Longing I cry in the hopeThat my tearsEvaporateTo reach youIn a drop of rain Hope I will make all of thisWorth going throughBy way of the loveI bring to youOr burn myself to ashTrying to Wife I would take a dayWith youThen DeathRather than a decadeAnywhere else We When my noiseMeets your heartIt becomes music

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