The History Displays: Part One – A Poem

We cannot speak out-shouted by history where we should cry we bleed We don't need self-pity that wears itself out refusing cures and cries "I hurt, so you cannot cut me." before wielding its own knife But that is who we are and what we have our goodness murdered with the past We don't need... Continue Reading →

Past Present – A Poem

You tear open your present, With a total delight That tears open my present From the paper comes joy Uncontained From the rip only yesterday Again When will I shake the shudder That quakes me utterly When happiness threatens I don't want to mourn The child of I That died Each time This child of... Continue Reading →

Unturning – A Poem

I'm very pleased to have been invited to take part in an 'inspired' experiment; where one poem inspires another, and on. This is the root poem here. My response is below.   Unturning   There are no windows Only rocks Climbing with aeonic patience From ages that are proving Reluctant to die   We stare... Continue Reading →

History’s Fingers – A Poem

My great grand-parents were lost to the camps What of that My grand-mother a German-Jewish refugee What does that mean Although I try to deny This I cannot argue The symmetry The orphan gene That births its children With so much hunger That they cannot feed For eating A grandmother so displaced Full of rage... Continue Reading →

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