Company Badges (sounds official don’t it!)

Some people are struggling to get a badge on their site. Here is a PDF with the right code in it. c4cbadgecode Paste this code into a Widget in your sidebar - Hopefully that'll work. If this isn't working for you - try the following. Right Click this badge and SAVE IMAGE AS... save it... Continue Reading →

These people are beautiful :D

Thank you to these people who are engorged with loveliness. Click on the links people, because that's the only wages this lot will get for working ON CHRISTMAS DAY - FOR FREE - JUST TO BE NICE. Fucking idiots!! 😉 Rarasaur Changeforbetterme SerenityintheCity Aliceatwonderland thegreenstudy Faceatthewindow simplyjyune Windycitywonderer jasonwrites Thecurtainraiser SusanDanielsden kirbysdawgblog Myspokenheart WelcomeToTheAlternatePlanet ramblingsfromamum... Continue Reading →

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