Tautological truisms and two tiny posts – part two. Hurt.

Hurt people hurt people. If we hurt those who hurt they will hurt while they hurt. We need to heal.


Company Badges (sounds official don’t it!)

Some people are struggling to get a badge on their site. Here is a PDF with the right code in it. c4cbadgecode Paste this code into a Widget in your sidebar - Hopefully that'll work. If this isn't working for you - try the following. Right Click this badge and SAVE IMAGE AS... save it... Continue Reading →

These people are beautiful :D

Thank you to these people who are engorged with loveliness. Click on the links people, because that's the only wages this lot will get for working ON CHRISTMAS DAY - FOR FREE - JUST TO BE NICE. Fucking idiots!! 😉 Rarasaur Changeforbetterme SerenityintheCity Aliceatwonderland thegreenstudy Faceatthewindow simplyjyune Windycitywonderer jasonwrites Thecurtainraiser SusanDanielsden kirbysdawgblog Myspokenheart WelcomeToTheAlternatePlanet ramblingsfromamum... Continue Reading →

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